Personal but Universal






1:1 consultation is an ideal avenue to be explored for those seeking specific answers, strategies and results for their cause. Perhaps you need to write or revise an Equality and Diversity Policy for your organisation and you feel it may be beneficial for it to be verified by someone who has a disability with a good understanding of the Equality Act. Or maybe you are planning an event and you want to know how you can make the experience more inclusive for people with disabilities. You may just want a disabled person's view on something that you intend to offer to the general public or even more specifically to people with disabilities. 

Whatever the cause may be, 1:1 consultation is suited for those who would like tailored, instructive and practical recommendations to best suit the needs of their organisation and, more importantly, the people with disabilities their service/purpose is intended for or will affect. It is most favoured for its relaxed yet professional discussion-based approach focussing on the human values behind why disability equality is so important. 


Do you have, or know someone with a disability? If you are a person with a disability and you feel that no one understands how you feel then fear not- there are people who just "get it". However, everyone's circumstances are unique and no one is going to fully understand each and every individuals feelings as if they were their own. But, there is support available to people with disabilities and their families, friends, carers and more, and it all starts with having the right mindset. 

From someone who has lived through it, and continues to do so, then gone on to speak to others with disabilities and their families to advocate for a positive tomorrow, I am confident that I am able to provide support in some way possible to benefit you or your loved one in taking that first vital step towards achieving the most important thing when a disability has become a part of your life- optimism.