Inspiring Ability: Introduction

In this series, I will write about people whom I have interviewed that have inspirational stories to tell and which share fitting values for all of us to apply in our own lives.  Many of these people have disabilities and have shared with me practical advice on how to best deal with challenges drawn from their own personal experiences. 

Some of the elements that will be discussed are not to be glorified as positive themselves, as all of us have had experiences in life which we would not wish upon another person. However, from those same experiences, many of us have learned important lessons which have influenced the views we have and the decisions we make for the better. From these experiences, please feel free to take to heart the values and practical application that the incredible people I interview share regardless of what you have been through yourselves as they show, through whatever way possible, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, if you feel touched or inspired by any of the people's experiences and messages which they share with you as the reader, please feel free to contact them to let them know of your support as it will greatly encourage them to continue doing all the good that they do.

Finally, if you feel you have a story to be told and would like a platform to broadcast it then please get in touch via means of completing the form on my CONTACT Page using the subject 'Share My Story'. 


Thank you and I hope you enjoy the inspirational experiences that will soon follow.


- Ollie