"Holding doors open for those that can't reach."

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1:1 Consultation is the most tailored service we provide. If you are a service provider, we can assist you with ensuring your equality and access policies meet the highest possible standard. If you are part of an organisation which supports young disabled people, we can help you to improve the lives of the disabled people you work with by empowering them with tailor-made strategies to help them reach their goals by significantly increasing their prospects of employment, training and life skills.



Providing Disability Equality & Awareness Training to organisations for the benefit of disabled and non-disabled people including staff, customers and all those associated with the organisation. A proven method to achieving better professional and social relationships within the workplace as well as increasing productivity. A team where everyone is made to feel equal and united is a successful team.




Oliver is available to speak for your after dinner/corporate events as a Motivational Speaker, sharing his experiences as a person who has grown up with a disability and has learned to face the world as any young person has, however, one roll-at-a-time. Being able to stand up for yourself and what is important to you whilst sitting down just makes the challenge all the more exciting.



Providing Access Statements, Audits and Strategies for organisations across the U.K so that the services they provide will comply with the guidance found within The Equality Act 2010. What can be considered as making ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ can be difficult for organisations to know what to enforce and how to do it without receiving expert recommendations. HandiChap Disability Consultancy can provide appropriate recommendations to organisations which are looking to improve their accessibility.

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