Inspire | Adapt | Achieve 

Through my encouraging discourses, I share with audiences my life story and experiences thus far as a person growing up with a physical disability in a world which is mostly not designed with wheelchair users in mind. I discuss the obstacles I have been faced with and how I have learned to overcome them. The principles I have come to live by are applicable for all regardless of their background or circumastances and my message is one of hope and optimism despite having to endure trials; something we can all relate to but can overcome with the right mindset. 




"The only thing that holds us back from accepting each other as equals is ourselves. As soon as we fix that, we will accomplish things far greater than we ever could have dreamed."


After Dinner/Conference 

Have you got a corporate event or team building day coming up? Through my business-aimed talks, I share with organisations practical and entertaining experiences, information and principles to apply in the workplace and also within their own lives to improve productivity, team morale and develop positive attitudes towards new challenges and prospects. 



Having a background of working in education for five years, I am able to talk to children and young people in providing them with the same values and message I share in a fun, relevant and engaging way that is appropriate for their age and is easy to understand. I believe in promoting disability equality and awareness to young people primarily as they are the future generations to help improve upon the progress that has already been made.