Wheelie Good Tips: Introduction

Have you ever done something a certain way for so long until someone comes along and shows you an entirely different method that turns out to be better than the way you did it? That happens to me on a regular basis...however I am grateful for it as if I didn't accept better ways of doing things from others, I would never be able to progress!

Therefore, in this series I intend to share a variety of useful tips, tricks and information for people with disabilities and those associated with them to help in little and large ways in every day situations with the goal to improve their quality of life. Although I am a wheelchair user, I will aim to provide a diverse array of suggestions that will benefit all people with disabilities. 

I welcome any suggestions that you may feel you would like to share and be broadcasted for people to be made aware of. If you would like me to include your suggestion, please contact me via submitting the form on the 'CONTACT' Page using the subject: "wheelie tips". 

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this series. 

- Ollie